Fall Baseball Registration

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Fall Baseball Registration

Parents – 

It’s time to register your son for our Fall program. Go HERE to register.

Not all of our players will be participating in the Fall session as we have a lot of multi-sport athletes as part of the Bombers organization. So the team your son is assigned for the Fall of 2019 will not necessarily be the group he will be assigned to for the Spring/Summer of 2020. 

That being said, we’ll use this time of year to realign players to an appropriate competitive level for the sake of the athletes benefit and development. Across all of our teams we have players who have either been asked to play at a level beyond their current skill set and we have players who have developed skill wise beyond the level they are currently competing.

We also have Coaches who aren’t available during the Fall session due to work and/or other sport commitments. So if you are interested or willing to lead a team in the Fall, please email Dustin HERE.

POTENTIAL NEW PLAYERS – If you are new to the Bombers organization, you are welcome to register your child using the link above. We will contact all players interested to better understand their previous playing experience and, if appropriate, schedule a time to join the team for a practice / tryout. Some of our Bombers teams may be hosting open tryouts and if so you’ll be able to find that information on our website.


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