Bombers Uniforms – Confirming Sizes

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Bombers Uniforms – Confirming Sizes

Bombers Parents –

On Monday, February 24th we will be sending over our confirmed order to Fischer’s Sporting Goods.  Prior to sending over the order, we’d like to give everyone a chance to review the sizing we have down for your son.

If you see a discrepancy with the sizing listed, please email us HERE over the weekend so we can make the appropriate change.
If you haven’t reviewed the full compliment of Bombers Gear soon to be available – Go HERE.

We have two optional items for the boys that require some lead time and also have a minimum quantity.


Similar to the “Elite Socks” many of the boys are wearing these days, these socks will be branded with the Bombers “B”.  The minimum required to place an order is 24 and there is an 8 week lead time so we’ll be surveying the group soon to see who wants to participate in this order.

The Sunglasses (pictured right) will have the Bombers logo on the ear piece.  It will take 3 weeks for these to arrive and requires a minimum order of 12. sunglasses

We will have prices available for the socks and sunglasses next week.


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