Bombers Baseball Night at the Cardinals Game

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Bombers Baseball Night at the Cardinals Game

Parents –

Our night at the St. Louis Cardinals game is quickly approaching.  We are scheduled to attend the Cardinals game July 15th as part of the Gateway Dream League night at the ballpark.

The boys will be asked to wear their Jerseys with shorts.  Their Jersey will likely be required to participate in the “on the field” walk before the game.

Many of our families have asked if we could open a Fan Gear store in order to purchase a T-Shirt in time for the ballgame.  While we won’t be able to open a full store, we are able to get Bombers Baseball T-Shirts for those interested in advance of our trip to Busch Stadium.

You can view the specs of the T-Shirt available below (click on image) and place your order HERE.Screen Shot 2016-07-02 at 5.26.25 PM

Here is a list of families we have down as attending the game on July 15th and the number of tickets you want to purchase.  If you see anything incorrect here, please let me know so we don’t over or under commit for the tickets we need.

It’s also time to collect for the tickets so we can get the folks at the Gateway Dream League paid up.  Tickets cost $20 per person.  You can pay for the tickets by check to Bombers Baseball, Cash given to Mary, or by using Paypal –  If paying by check, you are welcome to drop a check in my mailbox at 316 Copper Tree Court, O’Fallon, MO 63368.  In hindsight, we should have collected last week at one of our youth ballgames when we were all together.

If you could please arrange for payment to be made by Thursday, July 7th it would be appreciated.

Your Name How many tickets would you like to purchase?
Amy Hunter 4
Amy Morrison 5
Andrew Hale 5
Ann Meyer 4
Brian Bacyinski 6
Cindy Eikermann 4
Damien Pisciotta 4
Daniel Schumer 6
Dennis Murray 3
Ellen Lough 5
Gerald Geringer 4
Greg Martinez 4
Heather Lilledahl 5
Jamie Chadduck 4
Joanie Coleman 5
Mary Ashby 6
Melissa Harris 4
Mickey Davenport 5
Nikki Bass 4
Sarah Miley 3
Scott Sigler 4
Shawnmarie Hurt 5
Stephanie Dobratz 10
Travas Nolte 2



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