2016 10u Rosters

Below is how I’m proposing to roster the players participating in the OCAC Competitive and Chesterfield Silver Select leagues.  These would be their primary teams with the flexibility of players contributing on both teams throughout the season.

OCAC Competitive

Alex Geringer

Chase Garbarini

Hunter Garbarini

Corey Fumagalli

Hayden Davis

Jackson Pollard

Parker Fenton

Owen Bates

AJ Cooper

TJ Hunter

Will Coppedge

Braden Engelage


Chesterfield Silver Select

Brayden Eikermann

Brennan Rottger

Carter Ashby

Conner Christen

Grayson Coleman

Luke Bass

Luke Lilledahl

Ryley Gibbs

AJ Martinez

Owen Hemmer

Sam Morrison


You’ll notice 22 players are listed above.  We have two players we are waiting for final confirmation from that they are playing with our group.