Practice Plan – August 28, 2016

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Practice Plan – August 28, 2016

August 28, 2016
Fall Ball – Practice #3

Duration Description
3 minutes  Wrist Flicks (Elbow on the glove / Elbow at shoulder height)
3 minutes One Knee (12 – 18 feet apart)
– Foot pointed at partner
– Separate (Stop and Check)
—- Good line shoulder to shoulder
—- Glove side angle (Right angle with left arm)
– Squeeze and swivel the glove so it stays high and in center of chest at follow through
3 minutes Feet in Cement
– Start in the middle with the ball in glove (spine)
– Separate and release
3 minutes Rock and Glide
– Ball in glove in center of body
– Rock forward then rock back and separate hands.  Drag the back foot on the release
3 minutes Shuffle step and Right Foot Behind Left Foot (RH Thrower)
– begin to create distance away from partner using a shuffle step
– progress to right foot behind left foot with throws taking a higher trajectory
– once you’ve reached maximum separation begin to get closer with every few throws
5 minutes Drop Step Ground Balls
– Partners roll ground balls to each other from about 12 to 15 feet apart
– Ground balls should be outside the frame requiring a drop step and cross over step to get in front of baseball
5 minutes Forehand Range Ground Balls
– Partners roll ground balls to each other’s forehand side from 12 to 15 feet
– Ground balls should be outside the frame requiring the player to shuffle his feet with butt low and glove working through the ball
10 minutes On Knees Short Hop
Straight On – Players on knees
– Hands out in front and soft coming through the baseball
– Positive movement to the ball not retreating towards their body
– Field the ball off their left eye
Forehand – Players on knees
– Get the head behind the baseball
– Still fielding positive through the baseball
Backhand – Players on knees
– Ball to be caught more in the webbing so it spins and doesn’t kick out of the glove
– Head behind the baseball
– Fielding positive through the ball (no smacking at the ball though)
5 minutes Ball in Hand Fielding (Three to Four Lines from 3B to 2B with throws made straight towards coach hitting from baseline)
– One baseball in their throwing hand
– Players field ground balls from 20 to 25 feet and throw to coach
10 minutes Shuffle Gather and Throw Fungo (Four Lines – 3b – SS – 2B – 1B)
– Players field ground ball hit from home plate area (One coach hits to 3B and SS – Another Coach hits to 2B and 1B)
– Coach hits the ball – Player fields the Ball – Shuffle and Simulate Power throwing position (Players will drop the ball in a bucket and get back in line)
5 minutes Fly Balls (Basic Progression)
– Players partner up and toss fly balls to each other from 15 feet apart.  Players catch the ball at edge of cap and quickly get into power throwing position.
5 minutes Outfield Communication 
– Position Players in LF / CF and another group at CF / RF
– Coach tosses fly ball in middle of outfielders
– One player yells “Ball – Ball – Ball” and receives the fly ball.  Other player will back up the receiver
40 minutes STATIONS – 8 minutes per 
Location Tee Hitting  
Tee placed on home plate in middle of plate
Hitters will be hitting towards backstop
Each player will get make 5 swings and then rotate to back of line
After each player hits coach will move the tee to the inside of the plate.
Hitters will now make same swing and pull the ball
Same process and then move the tee to outside part to the plate
Hitters will now hit the ball to opposite field
Make sure hitters measure off before each swing
Bat on the shoulder – off the shoulder – hands back
Watch for soft step with stride foot still pointing straight (Don’t open up the foot)
Players pivot without moving their feet positioning the knees pointing towards the pitcher
Coach is pitching from 10 feet away (under hand toss / soft toss)
Players is to bunt the ball telling the coach where on the bat he made contact with the ball
**Watch the players eyes to make sure he is tracking the ball to the bat
Arms move up and down – don’t let the player extend arms jabbing at the ball
Crossover Step Fielding **Do this drill deep in the hole so Up the middle fielding can use real 1B for receiving throws.
Position players at 2B
Start with ball in glove and have players move from starting cone to a cone in the hole between 2B and 1B requiring a drop step and crossover step
Progress to where the players dive for the ground ball and get on their feet to make a throw
Coach rolls ground balls aiming at the cone requiring players to field the ball cleanly before making throw to 1B
Up the Middle Fielding **Use for 7u / 8u 
Position a line of players at 2B and SS
Coach will hit ground balls to either player with the other covering the bag at 2B to then turn a double play with throw to 1B
Base Running **Do not use for 7u / 8u
Lead Off From 1B with Left foot on base – Step – Step – Shuffle – Shuffle from 1B (No Hops)
– Watching feet of pitcher.  If right foot / heel comes off ground GET BACK.  If left foot / heel comes off ground GET A GOOD JUMP and STEAL.
Lead Off From 2nd Base
– Watching pitcher and getting a feel for timing of his move. Step – Step – Shuffle – Shuffle
Lead Off From 3rd Base
– Step – Step – Shuffle – Walking 5 steps
– Down in foul territory – back in fair territory
15 minutes  Positional Stations
Catchers / 3rd / LF / SS Coach starts 10 feet in front of catcher and tosses a ball to catcher.  Catcher will come out of “runners on” position and make a throw to 3B as if someone is stealing.  SS and LF will move into back up position.  LF will sprint to the line and down the line.  SS will angle 15 feet – 20 feet behind 3B. If ball gets past 3B the player receiving the back up will make a throw to Catcher who gets into fair territory with mask off prepared for incoming throw and tag.
– Catchers will rotate and another catcher will make next throw
– SS –> LF line / LF –> 3B / 3B –> SS
RF / CF / 2B / Baserunner at Home Plate / Coach as SS Coach will hit a ball towards RF with base runner leaving on contact. Base runner will round 1B aggressively as if he’s going to 2B  (place a cone approximately 15 feet past 1B on way to 2B to designate where a base runner should target when rounding 1B). If RF fields the ball cleanly the runner will return to 1B keeping his eye on the ball at all times. If ball gets past RF runner should continue in full sprint towards 2B. Second Baseman will go out for cut off getting lined up in a straight line between outfielder with ball and Coach (SS) covering 2B. Outfielder hits cut off and cut off makes throw to Coach who puts a tag on the runner. CF should be backing up RF.
– Rotation is CF –> RF / RF –> 2B / 2B –> Line at CF
– After a base runner has run 3x have them tag another player until all players have run and all players have been in the fielding rotation.



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