Core Values


Trust is usually something earned not granted. However as soon as you are embraced as a member of our team (family), we immediately grant you the trust you need to have the freedom to achieve greatness beginning on Day 1.


We’re going to make mistakes because we’re eager to incorporate the new skills and strategies we learn in practice into our games.  We will learn from our mistakes and be there to support a teammate when they make a mistake.  We will win because we aren’t afraid to lose.


We maintain our composure at all times, on and off the playing field. In times of crisis or emergency, we will be the people others look to for comfort and clear thinking.


We appreciate the effort others are offering on our behalf and acknowledge we have a lot to learn. We’re eager to benefit from the exposure to coaches, leaders and more experienced players.


We understand elite teams are filled with exceptional listeners. Great listeners are great learners. Great learners make great leaders. We take pride in being coachable on and off the playing field.


Our success as a team is dependent on the individuals in our program being committed to getting better each and every day. Each of us will do what it takes to stay disciplined to our objectives and support our team members however needed.