Team Defense – Cuts

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Team Defense – Cuts

Coach will lead this by placing all the players into all the positions on the field. You may want to have another coach/helper do the base running. This way the players can visually see what the real game situation will be like.

  • Runner on 1st base; ball hit to any outfielder (OF). OF will throw one base ahead of runner. Throw to 3rd base, the shortstop (SS) is cut, Third baseman (3b) to 3rd base, Second baseman (2b) to 2nd base, First baseman (1b) to 1st base, pitcher back up 3rd base, all the way to the fence.
  • Runner on 2nd base; ball hit to center field or right field—1b is cut, 2b to 1st base, SS to 2ndbase, 3b to 3rd base, pitcher back up home plate.
  • Runner on 2nd base and base hit to left fielder (at him or down the line), 3b is cut, SS to 3rd base, 2B to 2nd base, 1b to 1st base, pitcher back up home plate.

To teach this, set up a small field with 30 foot bases, and walk the kids thru this without using a ball.

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