Supporting our Sponsors

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Supporting our Sponsors

[level-bombers-family]As a member of the Bombers Program, families are encouraged to support the teams sponsors / partners. Quite simply the boys wouldn’t be able to enjoy the same high quality experience if not for the support we receive from sponsors like Llywelyn’s Pub.

Bombers_2Each Bombers family receives a Llywelyn’s Pub VIP card at the beginning of the season.  When frequenting Llywelyn’s Pub Bombers families are asked to present their VIP card when placing their order. Llywelyn’s will not only award you 10% of your total bill as a reward to your VIP card, but the restaurant is also tracking how often, and to what extent, the Bombers families are supporting Llywelyn’s.

If you have any questions regarding our relationship with Llywelyn’s Pub, please feel free to email Brandon or Dustin.[/level-bombers-family]


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