Practice Drills

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Practice Drills

Throwing Series
(10 minutes)

  • One Knee Throwing
  • Feet in Concrete (No Twist) “L” Position
  • Feet in Concrete (Twist)
  • Ready, Break, Throw
  • Ready, Break, Shuffle, Throw
  • Rocker Steps
    • Players separate their feet wider than a normal stride length.  Start with the ball in “ready” position with ball in glove in front of body. Players break and then rock weight forward, backward, forward, backward and then throw the ball to their partner.

Short Hop Series

(10 minutes)

Position players approximately 5 to 10 feet apart.

Player 1 throws a short hop (aiming for a line in the dirt a foot in front of their partner).

  • Directly At
  • Backhand
  • Forehand

This drill can also be done with the players starting on their knees (both knees in dirt) to ensure the player receiving the short hop fields the ball with their glove out in front of the body.

Speed Square

(5 to 7 minutes) – Good station drill

Position cones (or baseballs as markers) approximately 15 feet apart in a square. Player 1 starts at a cone and will advance to each cone receiving a ball (line drive, pop fly, ground ball) at each cone. The player determines the sequence of cones with the emphasis on making fast change of direction moves (crossover steps, drop steps) to quickly progress through the cones. A coach or player will throw balls at each cone as the player reaches each cone.

Base Running (Advancing from 1B to 3B)

(5 to 7 minutes)

  • Base runners start at 1B.
  • Coach is positioned in RF and also as 3B Coach

On Coach’s command, player #1 will advance from 1B to 3B as if a batter hit a ball to RF.  Player will aggressively round 2B and only if Coach holds up the “Stop” sign will he return to 2B. If the stop sign is given, the player immediately changes direction and retreats to 2B.  When retreating to 2B the base runner locates the ball in the outfield.  If the Coach in RF drops the ball, the base runner immediately changes direction and advances to 3B.  If the Coach has the ball in his hand, the base runner returns to 2B as quickly as possible.

Tandem Outfield Fly Balls

(5 to 7 minutes) Good Station Drill

  • Position players in LF and CF
  • Coach hits fly balls in the middle of LF and CF requiring the filers to communicate.  Player 1 yells “Ball, Ball” while the other moves into a back up position.

Circle Fielding (Footwork Drill)

(5 to 7 minutes) Good Station Drill

  • Position 5 cones or baseballs as markers for where the fielders feet should step when circling a ground ball.
  • Each player has a ball in their glove and after circling an imaginary ground ball makes a throw to a player or coach at 1B
  • Players start in ready position with a right foot, left foot step and hop anticipating the pitch being thrown.
  • Once the imaginary pitch is thrown and ball is hit in their direction, the player will make a right foot, then left foot, crossover right foot step and then left foot step before making a throw.  The cones (or baseballs) mark where the steps should be taken.
  • Players should be “landing the plane” as they progress through the steps, lowering their body in preparation for fielding the ground ball.


(10 to 15 minutes)

  • Divide the group into 2 teams
  • The fielding team has a line of players at P.
  • A Coach plays 1B.
  • Another Coach will be at home plate with a baseball.
  • Coach #2 will put the ball in play with a ground ball into the hole between 1B and 2B requiring the Coach playing 1B to field the ball.
  • The player at pitcher will cover 1B and receive the throw from the coach.
  • An offensive player will start at 2B and home plate.  Once the ball is put in play, the player at home will advance to 1B and try to beat out the infield single.
  • Player #2 on second base will advance to 3B and try to score.
  • Once the defensive player receives the ball at 1B he then throws to a teammate playing Catcher who attempts to tag the runner trying to score.
  • Each player that is safe earns a point for the offensive team.
  • Each player that is out earns a point for the defensive team.
  • First team to 10 points wins.
  • Once a game is over, switch sides.

Pirate (Fielding and Throwing Drill)

(10 minutes)

  • Positions – 3B / SS / 2B / 1B / 1B
  • Two Fungos
  • Fungo #1 – Ground Ball to 3B who throws to 2B who throws to 1B
  • Fungo #2 – Ground Ball to Deep SS who throws to 1B #2

Be sure to keep the SS deep on this drill as they will otherwise in the way of the throw from 3B to 2B from the other group.

Relay Throwing

  • Position 3 players in a line approximately 15 to 20 feet apart
  • Player #1 starts with the ball and throws it to the player in the middle who then receives and throws to Player #3.
  • Player #3 then quickly returns the ball to the player in the middle (Player #2) who throws it back to Player #1.
  • Continue the process until the ball returns to Player #1 a total of 10 times.
  • If you have a second group of 3, create a game where the first team to 10 wins.

Fielding Carousel

3B –> Home

  • Positions fielders at 3B with a receiver at home plate (Coach or player)
  • Players start with a ball in their glove.  They imagine a ground ball hit into the hole between 3B and SS where they field the ball and quickly get hips and shoulders aligned for a throw to home plate.

SS –> 2B

Position players at SS and 2B.

Ground balls are tossed / hit to players at SS who then make the appropriate throw to 2B

  • Shortstop Flips to 2B
  • Shortstop forehand flip
  • Shortstop backhand spin

Ground balls are then tossed to player at 2B who then make the appropriate throw to SS

  • 2B Backhand flip
  • 2B Drop Step Throw
  • 2B Forehand Spin
  • 2B Underhand Flip

P –> 1B

  • Position players at P and 1B
  • Ground balls are hit to 1B with Pitcher covering
  • Ground balls are hit to Pitcher with 1B receiving

Team Defense (Cuts)

Coach will lead this by placing all the players into all the positions on the field. You may want to have another coach/helper do the base running. This way the players can visually see what the real game situation will be like.

Runner on 1st base; ball hit to any outfielder (OF). OF will throw one base ahead of runner. Throw to 3rd base, the shortstop (SS) is cut, Third baseman (3b) to 3rd base, Second baseman (2b) to 2nd base, First baseman (1b) to 1st base, pitcher back up 3rd base, all the way to the fence.

Runner on 2nd base; ball hit to center field or right field—1b is cut, 2b to 1st base, SS to 2ndbase, 3b to 3rd base, pitcher back up home plate.

Runner on 2nd base and base hit to left fielder (at him or down the line), 3b is cut, SS to 3rd base, 2B to 2nd base, 1b to 1st base, pitcher back up home plate.

To teach this, set up a small field with 30 foot bases, and walk the kids thru this without using a ball.

Catcher (Position Specific)

  • Catching Stances
    • No Runners On
    • Runners on Base
  • Window Frame
  • Framing Pitches (Diagonal Balls being received)
  • Ankle Sway
  • Blocking
  • Agility

Basic Fielding
(Good Station Drill)

  • Hop
  • Triangle
  • Approach
    • 5 Cones – Footwork Only
    • Take a picture with the glove
  • Two Step Throw
    • Chest to the ball (vs. funneling up)
    • Right foot in front of left foot (replacing)
  • Crossover Step

Basic Receiving (Fly Balls)
Good Station Drill

  • Coach is 6 to 8 feet from players tossing very routine fly balls
  • Players catch 5 fingers to the sky on glove side and then across body (with emphasis on glove position)

Form Fielding

  • Drop Step Ground Balls – Partners (Slow Roll)
  • Forehand Range
  • Preset Backhand (Left Knee Up) Pick and Stick
  • On Knee Short Hops (Direct At)
  • On Knee Forehand Short Hops (Turn Knees)
  • On Knee Backhand Short Hops (Turn Knees)
  • Ball in Hand Ground Balls

Drop Step Cones (Quarterback Drill)

  • Cones in triangle (15 feet apart)


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