NCAA Basketball Challenge Scoreboard

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NCAA Basketball Challenge Scoreboard

Congratulations to Josh Kinder on capturing the 2014 NCAA Basketball Challenge winning $150.00.

While UCONN may have captured the NCAA Men’s Title, it was the success of the University of Kentucky that led our top finishers in this year’s bracket challenge.  Each of the top 3 finishers predicted Kentucky as the national champion.

1. Josh Kinder – 180 Points – Final Four (Florida, Michigan State, Arizona, Kentucky) – Winner of $150

2. Dustin Ashby – 179 Points – Final Four (Florida, Michigan State, Wisconsin, Kentucky) – Winner of $100

3. Darcy Ashby – 178 Points – Final Four (Florida, Michigan State, Creighton, Kentucky) – Winner of $60

4. Troy Ashby – 157 Points – Final Four (Florida, Iowa State, Arizona, Duke) – Winner of $15

5. Greg Hayes – 147 Points – Final Four (Kansas, Michigan State, Oklahoma State, Kentucky) – Winner of $15

Thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s contest and fundraiser. The Bombers Baseball Program appreciates your continued support.

Coach Dustin donated his winnings back to the Bombers Baseball Program.  The Bombers raised $200 with the 2014 NCAA Bracket Challenge.


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