Bombers Baseball Volunteer Opportunity at Air Show

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Bombers Baseball Volunteer Opportunity at Air Show

The Bombers Baseball Program has been approached to volunteer for this year’s Air Show taking place at Spirit St. Louis airport, May 3-4. This is a wonderful opportunity for our teams to come together and contribute their time to benefit a great cause.  The proceeds from the Air Show go directly to Veteran’s organizations in the area.

The Air Show and STEM Expo will run Saturday, May 3 through Sunday, May 4. There will be multiple air shows during the event and this year the Blue Angels return!

We will be staffing a food booth from 8am – 6pm on Saturday and Sunday. The booth requires a staff of 12 people at all times.

The food booth will not be serving alcohol so kids are able to take part in the volunteer efforts.

So what is being asked of you?

We need volunteers to cover a 3-hour block of time. For those that will be there longer, you will be given food vouchers to have lunch. Exact details will be covered during a training a meeting Coach Brandon and Coach Dustin will be attending the week of April 28th.

Volunteers will not be required to attend any additional training, just merely cover their 3-hour shift. If you are willing and able to participate in this Bombers Baseball outreach initiative, please email us HERE.

If you have specific times you aren’t available on the weekend but are willing to help please include those restrictions in the email response.  Also, if you have a group of people you would like to work with, please include the names of all the volunteers in the email and we’ll do our best to accommodate requests.

There is a potential fundraising component involved in our participation. Any proceeds collected would be spent on additional items for the boys.

Go Bombers!



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