Air Show Volunteer Information

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Air Show Volunteer Information


For anyone around Spirit Airport today you got to see the Blue Angels begin practicing. Up close they are even more impressive. There were multiple times this afternoon where the jets were close enough to read the numbers on their tail.

First and foremost a big thank you to those that have volunteered your time! Please know we are short staffed so if available please fee free to remain as long as you wish. For others that have not volunteered yet, we have plenty of openings. If you would like to come up un-scheduled and help out we would greatly appreciate the help!

We have attached the general information sheet for you to review below. We will have a brief training in the booth for volunteers. It will not be difficult. We also needed to share a couple very important items not in the attached flier.

General Volunteer Information Sheet

We are in booth #22 concession court #3. When you check in a volunteer will show you to the booth. We will have a couple chairs in the booth, but please feel free to bring a stool or chair with you.

*Anyone in the booth must wear head cover. That can be ball cap, visor or hair net. If you do not have head cover the health department will require you to wear a pare hair net!!

*NO open toe shoes. You will be on your feet so please wear comfortable shoes.

*Shirts must have sleeves. No tank tops. Short sleeves are acceptable.

*We will have parking permits at the 12u game tomorrow night (8pm start time). Westhoff field #3 for anyone that would like to pick up a parking permit.

Brandon will remain in the booth for the entire weekend please keep my number(s) should any needs arise.

(636) 498-8648 or (636) 627-8192

(314) 608-2545
Air Show Staffing Plan
Katie and Quintin Manlove  (8am – 11am)
Lori Edwards (8am – 11am)
Tanya O’Neal (8am – 11am)
Damien Pisciotta (8am -11am)
Greg Coleman (8am – 12pm
Bredensteiner 4 (8am – 6pm)
Mary and Carter Ashby (11am – 3pm)
Tom Scachitti (11am – 6pm)
Lori and John Hall (11am – 3pm)
Dale, Jo, Colby, Carter and Kayli Cameron (3pm – 6pm)
Brandon (8am – 6pm)
Dustin (8am – 6pm)
Brett Christen (8am -11am)
Adrienne Scachitti (8am – 6pm)
Amanda Burbank (12pm – 3pm)
Kelly and Shawn Huffman (1pm – 5pm)
Tom Scachitti (2pm – 6pm)
Casey Russell and Aidan (2pm – 6pm)
Julie and Scott Kerns (8am – 12pm)
Brandon (8am – 6pm)
Dustin (8am – 11am)
If you offered to help and we somehow left you off the schedule, please reach out to us HERE and we’ll make sure to get you added.  Thanks again for contributing your time and effort.


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