9u Rules Adjustments

Admin August 22, 2015 Comments Off on 9u Rules Adjustments
9u Rules Adjustments

Players transitioning from 8u machine pitch to 9u kid pitch will have quite a few adjustments to make this fall.

  • Pitcher’s rubber is 40 feet from home plate
  • Base runners may steal, but not lead off. Base runners may leave their occupied base once the ball has been released by the pitcher.
  • Base runners may not steal home. However, a base runner may advance from 3rd base to home if a play is made on him at 3rd base. (Example: Base runner is stealing 3rd and the catcher over throws 3rd base. The base runner may advance home at his own risk.)
  • No infield fly rule
  • No dropped 3rd strike rule
  • 9 players on defense (3 outfielders instead of 4)


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