4th Annual Dardenne Derby – Gold Sheet (Handicapping Card)

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Fischer’s Sports (Race 1)

Zach the Ripper and T Rex have been training nicely this winter but the experts are putting their money on COOP! in Race #1.  However don’t be surprised if NickyG, Link or Devinator steal this race if T Rex and Zach the Ripper get distracted trying to keep COOP! cornered against the wall.

Payne Family Homes (Race 2)

How do you go against a mouse named Colby Cheese, but the experts are doing just that. Early money was flowing on Kynomite and Chad – The Beast!  Health concerns around MattyG have kept him as a long shot in this race, but watch out for BennyB! or Owen-Big Country to surprise.

Concord Dental (Race 3)

Rodents tend to stick together, so the overwhelming favorite in Race #3 is Mouse #6, Gavin-Squirrel.  Take this one to the bank!

OptimalYouNow.com (Race 4)

Donovan McNabb has seen better days and Mouse #3, Blake Griffin may not be ready for the kind of race he’ll have to run to compete against Will You Be My Neighbor and SGT-Carter. Watch out for Logan-LOGEY or O Ryley – Auto Parts! down the stretch as they both have the endurance to last a race of this length.

HappyTailsInc (Race 5)

The Force is with Mouse #4 (Luke Sywalker #10) but you can’t count out 50 Shades of – Grayson. Jimmy-Conner(s) has a hard draw starting in lane #1.

EmpoweredSolutions (Race 6)

The force may have been enough in Race #5, but in Race 6 the experts money is on Gage d – Lion (Mouse #3). If the race turns into a battle of the bruisers, watch out for Mouse #1 (Jackson 5) to be the only mouse standing at the finish line. Key for Car – Parker will be getting off to an early start to get separation from Conner / Nate in Lane #6.

SummitDistributing (Race 7)

Injury concerns have been the story in Race #7. Mouse #1, Coach Brandon, is battling a strained rib muscle after his hitting demonstration last Sunday. The favorite here may come out of the 4th lane in the form of Coach BobbyB who has experience on this surface, as long as he doesn’t get sandwiched in out of the gates.

Llywelyn’s Pub (Race 8)

It’s hard to go against Jamison, especially since it’s the newest on tap beverage at Llywelyn’s.

Bobby’s Place (Race 9)

Hands down the favorite to finish on top in Race 9 is Mouse #1, Bob Gibson.  It’s a lock.


And for the final Race of the Night, even the experts couldn’t choose between the talent on display in the evening finale.

(The information shared is for entertainment purposes only and clearly somebody has way too much time on his hands or just can’t sleep at night)




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