10u Green – So how will the Wednesday league work?

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10u Green – So how will the Wednesday league work?

Our 10u Green teams are competing in two different leagues.  One group will have regular season games in the OCAC Competitive league and the other will play in the Chesterfield Athletic Association league.  The Chesterfield schedule has been released.  I’m expecting the OCAC schedule to be available in mid to late March.

We will then combine both teams to form a team to compete in the Wednesday Gateway Dream League hosted at C&H Ballpark.  Once we get our OCAC Competitive schedule, we’ll then work through the calendar and assign players to specific games so we’re only bringing 12 (+/-) players to each game. When all is said and done, I anticipate each player will play in half of the league games as part of the Wednesday league.  We’ve requested black out dates as part of our OCAC schedule so there shouldn’t be conflicts with our Wednesday games.

While our philosophy of coaching games for our various teams already involves asking the boys to experience different positions in the field so they can get exposed to different game situations, we ideally will use the Wednesday league as a way to further perpetuate the boys exploring and experimenting.

The Wednesday schedule for the Gateway Dream League has been published, however there were some errors with the schedule requiring some changes.  You can view the schedule here – http://tripleplaybaseball.net/gateway-dream-league-schedule/, but again please don’t finalize these on your schedule until the final schedule is confirmed.

We’re always sensitive to the amount of work our Pitchers get during the week, so rest assured we’ll be aware of how often the boys are pitching.


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