Winter Warm Up – Schedule – February 18th

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Winter Warm Up – Schedule – February 18th

If you haven’t registered yet for Winter Warm up and want to participate, you are welcome to join the later sessions beginning at 6:30pm.  Due to the smaller turnout for the later sessions, we’ve just combined them and players are welcome to join in as they are available.

Dustin will be out of pocket most of Saturday with basketball games so there’s no need to send a text or email on Saturday asking if you can participate, as he likely won’t be able to respond.  Just go ahead and join the later session.

5pm – 5:45pm

Chase Cooper
Hunter Garbarini
Chase Garbarini
Cole Sigler
Grant Suftko
Brayden Hood
Grady Koester
Ethan Koenig
Connor Dalton
Blake Ermeling
Dylan Smith
Ryan Brettelle
Ryan Buchanan
Evan Buchanan
Thomas Sanders
Owen Hemmer
Jeff Williams
Luke Huesemann
Jevin duke


5:45pm – 6:30pm

Sam Hahn
Bradyn Howe
Tristan Kuhlmann
Noah Kuhlmann
Jace little
Cole Packingham
Mason Redding
Cooper Hackworth
Will Caplin
Thomas Caplin
Grady Koester
Caiden Galati
Lucas Lafferty

Mason Meyer


6:30pm – 7:15pm / 7:15pm – 8pm

Tyler Lay
Max Fields
John Hager
Keith Herring
Brenton McPherson
Hayden Close
Andrew Mudd
Alex Meyer

Connor Higlen

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