Picture Night Details

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Picture Night Details

Here is a message sent from STL Digital regarding the plan for Sunday Night.  This was sent to all programs participating in the Picture Night.  There are a few items to add for our Bombers teams.

  • We will take a composite photo (all teams and all coaches) at approximately 7:15pm on the turf at Rascals Stadium.
  • Please arrive by 6:15pm and be prepared to start taking photos by 6:30pm. 

It’s helpful if we gather each team together in the bleachers with their coaches taking note of who from their team is missing.  Once we get a full team, we’ll move them into the area for their team photo.  This process will look and seem a bit chaotic at times, so stay patient.  STL Digital does a great job moving our group around so everyone gets their team and individual photos taken. 

Here is the message sent from STL Digital:


We will see you on Sunday for team photos at the Rascal Stadium.    Please read through the details below to make your team photo day go quick and easy!  Please pass on this info to your team.  

The Rascals have new turf in the stadium and they asked that we follow these 4 simple rules!  

  1.  No metal cleats. This is huge as metal cleats destroy the turf. Only molded cleats or tennis shoes.
  2.    No food or drink on the field; no sunflower seeds or gum etc.  All of these things can stain the turf and get stuck in it.
  3.    Coaches and Players only are allowed on the field.
  4.    Please park in a designated parking spot and not on the grass around the parking lot.   Additional parking is available across the street if needed.  We have a lot of teams scheduled so you may need to park across the street…


It will be hit or miss for storms on Sunday Evening.   We all know Missouri weather and we will not know until the last minute.  If it is just raining we will shoot the teams under the overhangs inside the stadium and under the white tents…. If it is a thunderstorm we will delay 30 minutes.   PLAYER FAMILIES – If it is raining, please minimize the # of people that you bring into the stadium as space to stay dry becomes a premium…. So ideally if we have bad weather just 1 parent and child if you can…


SPEND $30 or more and get a free ticket to one of the Rascal games.   Additional tickets for your family can be purchased for $5.   THIS IS ONLY AVAILABLE ON THE DAY YOU TAKE PICTURES AT THE STLDIGITAL CHECK-IN TABLE.  


  1.  Have the COACH – Check in at the main table and get your team envelope. The team envelope will be used to hold your team order forms.
  1.   Tell your parents if they are ordering pictures to check in and pay at the STLDIGITAL Table.   We will then tell them to give the paid form to the coach.  Please put all the paid order forms in the team envelope from your team.We do the process this way so that only your team photo order forms will magically appear in your envelope and we will not have any missing order forms! 
  1.  Once your entire team is present jump in the queue to get your photos started.  The Queue will be inside the stadium at the 3rd base entrance.  NOTE:  While you are waiting for players to show up it is often easier for teams to pick a row of seats in the stadium to hang out at and wait.   Typically an assistant coach can hang with the team in this staging area inside the park while a coach or manager is directing the team where to go outside of the stadium… 
  1.  You will get your individuals taken followed by the team photo.   If someone did not turn in a form they can still take an individual photo if they wish.   We will just write their name and photo # on the back of the envelope. During the individual photo process if you can assist the photographers in anyway with your team it would be appreciated…
  1.  The team photo photographer will collect your envelope at the team photo station when you are all done!   


Remind your team to show up 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time.  Your team can not start taking photos until everyone is there!

Send the link to the order form.  NOTE: We will bring extra order forms with us the day of the shoot.   


Here is a link to product samples 


Thanks for all of your help!   See you Sunday!

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