Parent / Fan Guide – 2018

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Parent / Fan Guide – 2018

Welcome to the 2018 Bombers Baseball Season. For our returning families, not much will be different from how the 2017 season operated. We will be modifying how we communicate to our teams participating in CBSA leagues as a result of their update in website technology. The OCAC website platform is the same one as used last year so nothing should be changing for OCAC teams.

Here are answers to some commonly asked questions:

Where do we find our game schedules?

Game schedules are linked up on our website under “Schedules” in the top navigation. We will also attempt to maintain our Google Calendar with updated game schedules. Should there ever be a discrepancy, defer to the OCAC or CBSA schedule as linked to from our website.

CBSA schedules have been published. OCAC and Triple Play schedules will be published later in March.

Where do we find our practice schedules?

We will host weekly practices on Sunday, 1pm to 5pm, with teams being assigned a specific time within that window. You can find this information on our Google Calendar. 

We will update the calendar from week to week to adjust for teams playing in tournaments or games on weekends, giving us more field time available for the other teams.

The CBSA provides teams participating in their league additional practice time and that is displayed on our Google Calendar. We will label the practices with the team and field along with a designation of “practice”. (Ex:  8u White Practice, Field E4).

How are we notified if practices or games are canceled? 

We will use email when it’s available. However there are times when Coaches aren’t near a computer so they will use our Twitter account as the primary method of communicating to teams when fields are closed due to inclement weather. If you aren’t already following us on Twitter, you will want to do that and it’s recommended families request text updates when Bombers Baseball sends tweets.

Where do we place uniform orders?

Uniform orders have already been placed with Johnny Mac’s for everyone who completed the Uniform Order form. We will send another order in March 15th so if you haven’t already ordered your uniform you’ll want to place it asap. Please do not duplicate your order as anything new added to the order form will be forwarded to Johnny Mac’s. You can view what has already been ordered HERE.

When will the Parent Meeting be held?

Now that the high school basketball season is over we will be able to finalize a parent meeting date and time. We will notify you via email and post on our website once we’ve identified a date and time.


We will be loading all of our teams on the GameChanger platform which we will use for scorekeeping and communication. GameChanger is offering a new service this year allowing teams to use the platform for the purpose of players RSVP for practices and games. This will help our coaches know who to expect at upcoming games / practices.  We’re anticipating the TeamChanger service to replicate what others have used on apps like TeamSnap or SIPlay.

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