Note regarding uniform sizing process

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Parents –

We wanted to pass on details pertaining to the uniform sizing. Fischer’s Sporting goods is somewhat confused as to what items are being purchased by age group. We have made multiple attempts to explain each team need, but they are still sizing all items for all teams.

Please do not be alarmed. We know they are sizing all uniforms and possible additional gear. We have spoken to the owner and will be given the full list of items after the sizing prior to placing the order. The order will consist of the items needed for each age level.

Please let us know if you have any questions, but understand the boys may be sized for more items than we will be purchasing.

Thank you for understanding.

Bombers Coaches

PS – We’ve received several questions from 8U parents regarding purchasing batting helmets. We will be purchasing team helmets that match our team colors that all players will be able to use.


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