How can I make someone else better?

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How can I make someone else better?

If you’ve overheard us talking to our 8u players before or after a practice or game you’ve heard us reinforcing three key attributes we strive to exemplify each and every time we take the field. We aim to bring great Energy, give great Effort and do so with a great Attitude. To help the boys put meaning behind the words we offer examples as to how we can achieve success in these areas.

Energy – Do we hustle on and off the field?  Do we run every ground ball out at top speed? When we make an out, do we hustle quickly off the field? Do we bring the same level of enthusiasm to our warm up as we do the game itself?

Effort – Do we try our best? Do we focus on the present and not worry about the past?

Attitude – Are we smiling? Are we encouraging our teammates, giving high fives when players enter our dugout. Do we verbally recognize a teammate when they make a good play or give great effort? Are we a great listener?

Throughout the summer we’re going to begin asking the boys to focus on making a teammate better. Each and every practice or game, we’re going to reinforce ways they can make someone around them better and explain the impact that has on building a great team.

So when you are sitting at the dinner table or sharing time in the car, here are a few talking points that will help our collective cause in instilling this mindset with our boys.

Ways to make a teammate better – 

1.) Cheer for them.  Give your teammate positive encouragement after a strikeout, bobbled ball in the field or bad throw. Let your teammate know you have their back.

2.) Hold your teammate accountable. If you see your teammate getting distracted and not trying their best, cheer them on and tell them to keep playing hard.

3.) Include everyone. Don’t always play catch with the same person, or your best friend on the team. Find the person you don’t know as well and invite them to play catch during warm up.

4.) Be the first person to recognize a teammates success. Celebrate with your teammate even if you didn’t have a great game, let your teammate know they made a great play.


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