Bombers Baseball – 2015 Costs

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Bombers Baseball – 2015 Costs

Parents –

We’ve finalized the costs associated with the 2015 baseball season and have provided a breakdown below.

Uniform Costs:

Age Level Cost Additional
9u and 8u $80.00 Includes Shipping and Tax
5/6u and 7u $58.00 Includes Shipping and Tax

(View the uniform, absent our logo, HERE)

Beyond the uniform we’ve separated the costs associated with the season into the following categories:

  • League Costs
  • Tournament Costs
  • Practice Costs
  • Team Equipment Costs

The OCAC is charging $80 per player for the 5/6u and 7u teams and $100 per player for the 8u and 9u teams.

Each tournament is different, but we’re estimating the average tournament cost to be $275 per tournament.

Practice costs include The Batting Cage Winter Warm Up and our weekly practices at Westhoff Park.  We will begin practicing at Westhoff Park on Sunday afternoon in the 2pm – 5pm timeframe beginning Mid-March.  We’ve reserved the field every available Sunday with the exception of Easter and July 5th.

Team Equipment Costs involve equipping the boys with helmets, catcher’s gear, baseballs for practice, etc. Realizing we’ll have coaches that overlap and are involved with multiple teams we’re able to save considerably here.

After taking all of the costs into consideration here is the breakdown by division:

  • 5/6u – $135*
  • 7u – $160*
  • 8u – $190
  • 9u – $225

These costs include the applicable league fees. Some of you have already paid the OCAC directly for your league fees so if you’ve already paid the OCAC, the amount due to Bombers would be as follows:

  • 5/6u – $55*
  • 7u – $80*
  • 8u – $90
  • 9u – $125

*(We’ve included post game snacks for our 5/6u and 7u teams to include a small snack and drink after each game)

Summary of what’s included by division:


  • 10 game regular season
  • Practices (45 minutes to 60 minutes each available Sunday)
  • Post Game Snack


  • 10 game regular season
  • Practices (60 minutes each available Sunday)
  • Post Game Snack

(7u teams will consider playing in a tournament, however the tournament cost isn’t currently included in the cost structure)


  • 12 game regular season
  • Practices (60 minutes each available Sunday)
  • 1 Tournament


  • 12 game regular season
  • Practices (90 minutes each available Sunday)
  • 2 Tournaments

(Additional tournaments may be considered and added with parent approval)


Please submit payment by check to – BOMBERS. (Cash is also accepted if that’s easier)

If you are ordering a full uniform, you can just add your uniform cost to the associated season fees and submit one check.  If you are just needing individual uniform pieces and not a full uniform, please pay your season fees separate from your uniform order so we can properly track your gear order.

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