2018 Fee Schedule

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2018 Fee Schedule

Parents – 

We’ve finalized the costs associated with the 2018 baseball season.  

Uniform Costs: (Jersey, Pants, Socks, Belt, Hat)

Age Cost Additional
7u – 8u $65 Includes Shipping and Tax
9u – 13u $85 Includes Shipping and Tax

Beyond the uniform costs the program incurs costs for the following:

  • League Costs (for those leagues where players don’t pay directly)
  • Tournament Costs
  • Practice Costs
  • Team Equipment Costs (Club Fee)

Team equipment costs include covering expenses related to helmets, catcher’s gear, practice baseballs, bases, training aids

The amounts below reference what is owed to – Bombers. These amounts are separate from any amount paid direct to the OCAC or CBSA.

7u Green ($70 Total)

8u Green ($115 Total)

  • Includes 2 Tournaments

8u White ($70 Total)

8u Grey ($70 Total)

9u White ($80 Total)

9u Green ($160 Total)

  • Includes 3 Tournaments

10u White ($120 Total)

  • Includes 2 Tournaments

10u Green CBSA ($305 Total)

  • Includes – CBSA League Fees and 4 Tournaments

11u OCAC ($70 Total)

11u Triple Play ($170 Total)

  • If you are playing both the Triple Play and OCAC, you don’t need to pay both fees….just pay the Triple Play related fees as you’ve already paid for your league registration when signing up through the OCAC.
  • 11u players will pay for tournaments on a tournament by tournament basis, this way we can have the players participating support the cost of the tournament.
  • We anticipate our 11u team will play in 3 or 4 tournaments during the season.

12u Grey ($130 Total)

  • Includes – 2 Tournaments

12u White ($170 Total)

  • Includes 3 Tournaments 

12u Green ($420 Total)

  • Triple Play League (6 games), 4/5 Tournaments and CBSA League

13u Green ($135 Total)

  • Includes 2 Tournaments

All payments are to be made payable to – Bombers

If paying by Paypal, please use dustin@bombersbasketball.org as the email address.  IMPORTANT – You must use the Payment to a Friend feature if you want to use Paypal, otherwise we incur fees associated to the payment. There isn’t any margin built into these costs to afford paying fees. If you are unsure how to use Paypal Friend Payments, please just pay by check.

**If a team doesn’t have any tournaments built into their cost, this doesn’t mean they won’t play in a tournament during the season. It just means we will have to collect for the cost of that tournament once we determine which tournament the team wants to participate in.

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